Harry Potter

Hello again! Let's see, I have y'all read...

Hogwarts Apprentices by lisaroquin
The summer before Harry's Sixth Year, Voldemort is gaining power and beginning his assault on the Wizarding world. Dumbledore revives an almost extinct practice of Apprenticeship at Hogwarts, which Harry becomes part of. Harry and the other Apprentices are sucked into a mire of politics, betrayals, and power struggles, with echoes of the past reaching out and complicating things further. WIP

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Welcome to doingsoso, the newest member of the community. I look forward to her input and stories. See people we're growing by leaps and bounds. Okay, okay, it's just little baby steps, but that's still growth.
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Stargate: Atlantis

The Atlantis Handbook by Cammy

John and Rodney got bored. Teyla and Ronon got roped into it. The rest of Atlantis was amused by it.

This is a great fun read. Nothing much as far as plot but that's not what this fic is about. Very funny so be warned and don't be drinking around your computer when you read this.

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Stargate: Atlantis

In honor of Stargate Friday (I know that's tomorrow, but won't be able to post tomorrow), I've decided to post one of my favorite Stargate: Atlantis fics.

Memoranda from the Edge by Dr. Dredd

Elizabeth has decided to create a bulletin board for the posting of important notices. This series of ficlets, drabbles, and other madness is the result. SPOILERS FOR SEASON 2, particularly Inferno.

This is a fun read. It is written in e-mail/message form which is different, but it works. I really like this story. Come on, how can you not like a story containing exploding toilets, battle of the sexes, failed prison (hospital) breaks, and other craziness?



Gargoyles fan fiction will always hold a special place in my heart, because it is the first fandom I read. It was from this platform that I learned fan fiction existed. Hey, we all gotta start somewhere.

Anyways, back to the topic recommending a gargoyles story. Well, I don't have one. Wait! I don't have a story, but I have an author. The Barracuda is an excellent author who continued the gargoyles universe in his Beginning Anew series. This is really the only gargoyles series I read anymore. Enjoy!


Harry Potter

Flight of the Thestrals by GD-7

Plagued by insomnia, Draco spends his nights soaring through the sky over Hogwarts. What happens when he runs into Ginny one night? R for reason. DMGW, some 'slash' between BZRW (but these chapters are well marked)

This is a very good fic. A general knowledge of the fandom is needed. Make sure you block out several hours for this one because it is an epic. The only warning is that this is definitely a fic for mature readers. Other than that, this is a great read.


x-men: evolution

Nine to Five by Goldylokz

Rogue is faced with an antimutant mob & somehow winds up getting a job at a music store. And with the Acolyte boys without a boss for a couple weeks, Bayville is set ablaze with mischief, and Rogue has a frequent visitor at the store. Starring Rogue, Remy, St. John, Wanda, Kitty, and Piotr.

This is one of my favorate fics. With humor, angst, and romance, it has it all. A fairly good knowlege of the series is recommended but if you know the x-men universe in general you may not be too lost.

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