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Harry Potter
 fics_recs_tkh - (readermeg)
05:05pm 28/08/2006
Hello again! Let's see, I have y'all read...

Hogwarts Apprentices by lisaroquin
The summer before Harry's Sixth Year, Voldemort is gaining power and beginning his assault on the Wizarding world. Dumbledore revives an almost extinct practice of Apprenticeship at Hogwarts, which Harry becomes part of. Harry and the other Apprentices are sucked into a mire of politics, betrayals, and power struggles, with echoes of the past reaching out and complicating things further. WIP

I honestly cannot imagine not having read this fic. I am a huge xover person and as such don't read monofandom fiction often. This is the only non xover WIP that I follow, so it's got to be good right. It's AU as of Halfblood Prince and just amazing. If you haven't read any of lisaroquin's stuff then this fic showcases her ability to create complex and detailed worlds within the fandoms we already know. The main story is Hogwart's Apprentices I: Gentry Green but she also has several back stories and side stories to check out. Enjoy!


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